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Found on our ebay store


Our eBay store is particularly popular amongst customers looking for one-offs, bits and pieces and real bargains. It's like an Aladdin's Cave of servo and automation components and we know a few machine repairers who regularly log on and browse around to see what they can find whenever they get a new job.

Just recently though our eBay store really came to the rescue when an engineering services company was desperate to find a Digifas servo drive for a customer's machine. (These drives have been obsolete for years.)

The owner of the company didn't know us and we didn't know him and it was really thanks to his wife that he managed to find the exact Digifas drive that he was looking for in our euroServo eBay store.

None of his regular suppliers knew where he could get one as it is no longer in production, and it was his wife who suggested he try eBay. All he had to do was to type in Digifas, and the product code and he was taken straight to the drive he wanted in our online store!

He's successfully repaired his customer's machine now and the Digifas drive is working perfectly.