Absolute Encoders

Absolute encoders provide an 'actual' position value, derived from the orientation of the encoder shaft in respect to the sensor element. This is achieved by coding the disc attached to the encoder shaft. The code pattern can be evaluated and so the position is obtained. In the case of Lenord+Bauer's magnetic measuring principle the initiator is a fero-magnetic disc integrated in the encoder.

Position is output as a 'value of position' to a motion controller, PLC, counter or drive unit via a serial link. This is typically an SSI data string or in the form of a fieldbus compatible reference.

The Lenord+Bauer magnetic absolute encoders have internal electronics that can derive up to 16,384 positions per turn (single-turn) of the encoder shaft. In addition an array of magnets, sensed by a set of geared sensor elements, can count up to 4,069 revolutions of the shaft (multi-turn).