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Motion Coordinator - euro205x


  • Controls up to 8 axes
  • 7 simultaneous BASIC tasks
  • Digital I/O - 16 IN plus 8 OUT
  • Analogue I/O - 2 IN
  • RS232 - RS485 - CANbus - MODbus
TRIO euro205x

To meet demand from large OEM customers for an economical multi-axis Motion Coordinator with a small footprint. A fifth axis can be added on an expansion connector which will take standard Trio axis and communications daughter boards.

User Programs are written in Trio’s established Multi-Tasking BASIC and applications can be developed using the Windows based Motion Perfect environment. Complex motion profiles are available and these can be linked to a master encoder input for Slaving, Gearing and Cams.

The unit has 24 opto-isolated digital I/O (16 inputs & 8 outputs) on board. 4 Fast hardware registration inputs are available on each axis for highly accurate control of print and packaging lines. 2 x 12 bit analog input channels are provided on the board.

The I/O count can be expanded using Trio CANbus Digital I/O and Analog Input modules. The CANbus port also supports DeviceNet and CanOpen protocols. The Euro205x has two built in RS-232 ports. In addition, a full-duplex RS-485 channel is provided and a further serial channel is available at TTL levels.

An external adapter can be used to allow the TTL level serial port to link to Trio Fibre Optic Network devices.


  • High performance, low cost 1-4 axis Eurocard Motion Coordinator
  • Designed for low-cost OEM volume applications
  • 1-4 Servo/stepper axes in any combination
  • Multi-tasking TrioBASIC programming
  • Built-in CAN channel
  • Motion Perfect application development software
  • 160mm x 100mm Eurocard format
  • Configurable using feature enable codes