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GEL 2444T/K MiniCODER sensor with TTL or SINCOS output

GEL 2444-2
GEL 2444 sensor and tooth-wheel

The GEL 2444 MiniCODERs are available in two variants, the GEL 2444-T sensor that generates a square wave output and the GEL 2444-K sensor that generates a sine wave output from a ferro-magnetic tooth-wheel. The output signals are compatible with a wide range of control equipment and drive modules. The sensor unit also offers internal interpolation of the signals by up to a factor of x20, giving a high precision output for speed and position monitoring.

Rotary motion can be detected with the GEL 2444 sensor and typical applications include integration into machine tool spindles (including HSC high-speed-cutting spindles), electric motors, gearboxes and other applications.

The sensor / tooth-wheel combination has been implemented on applications up to 70,000rpm and the electronics comply with the "safety integrated" standard for numerical control applications.


  • Speed detection in HSC spindles (High-Speed-Cutting)
  • Measurement of speed and position of milling and grinding spindles in machine tools for the machining of metal, wood, glass, stone and aluminium
  • Angle measurement in radar equipment
  • Electronic synchronization of helical spindles in dry-running vaccum pumps
  • Measurement of speed in test stands

Technical Data

  • Measurement of rotary motion using tooth-wheels
  • Max. air gap 0.15 mm, depending on module
  • Amplitude control
  • Protection class IP 68
  • Suitable for rotary module 0.3 and 0.5
  • Frequency range is 0...200 kHz
  • Temperature range -20 ... + 120° C
  • Supply voltage 5 V DC
  • Sinewave output signal, Sin/Cos 1 Vpp