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Lenord+Bauer GEL 207-219 Magnetic Incremental Encoder series

Incremental encoders are used to convert rotary motion into electrical impulses. The encoders from Lenord + Bauer combine a magnetic sensing system with a robust mechanical design and have proven themselves worldwide in a broad spectrum of applications in which reliability is essential in harsh industrial environments. Long service life and negligible maintenance costs are synonymous with these encoders.

L+B GEL207 rng
The magnetic incremental encoders are available in a variety of mechanical configurations to meet individual requirements.

Typical applications

  • Heavy industry
  • Paper and packaging machines
  • Bottling plants
  • Transport and storage systems
  • Machines for the processing of steel, wood, rock, textiles and plastics
  • Railway industry

Measuring principle

The encoders contain a contact-less magnetic sensor system and a precision toothed wheel. The sensor’s magnetic field is modulated by the passing of the teeth of the measuring wheel. The resulting sinusoidal and co-sinusoidal voltage is evaluated by the integrated electronic and converted to an incremental output and optionally to an additional analogue current output.

The magnetic incremental encoders are offered with a wide range of accessories including measuring wheels, belt drive arrangements, couplings, etc

Advantages of the magnetic system

  • Unaffected by condensation on the measuring wheel and is therefore the preferred choice for applications, where ambient temperatures change or where the relative humidity is high. (e.g. outdoors)
  • Unaffected by oil or dirt penetration.
  • The steel measuring wheel is highly resistant to shock and vibration, unlike glass or plastic graduated discs in other systems.
  • Excellent reliability over a very long life because it does not suffer from the ageing effect common to optical systems.