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LTi MOTiON - LSN series brushless servo motors – compact and low-cost

LTi - LSN motors
The LSN series servomotors can be specified with a wide range of options and customisations

The LSN synchronous servomotors from LTi are brushless three-phase motors for high-end servo applications and are available in all speed and voltage variants. They are particularly suitable for positioning tasks on machine tools, industrial robots, transfer lines, etc., as well as for applications with high demands on dynamic performance and stability.

The standard models of our servomotors are equipped to handle a wide range of applications. In addition, available options include, for example, a holding brake, IP65 protection, a wide variety of temperature sensors, models with flying lead, high-resolution SSI and Hiperface encoders, as well as customer-specific flanges and special shafts. Optionally, we also offer our servomotors in EX (explosion-proof) variants.


  • high performance / high dynamic-range
  • compact design and high power density
  • minimal cogging
  • wide range of options

The LSN product range covers stall torques (M0) from 0.28 Nm to 60 Nm (externally cooled up to 78 Nm) is the logical further development of the LSH product range (chap. 4) with the incorporation of the Q 158 and Q 190 space envelopes.

The motors are available as preferred types for DC link voltages of 560 V, 320 V as well as 24 V and 48 V.

The winding arrangement is a compound-die pole winding. An optimised thermal design has increased the power density by a further approximately 30% compared to the LSH product range. As such the power density and dynamic performance of the LSN servomotors are at the highest level.


Performance features of the LSN servomotors

  • Very high power density and high dynamic performance
  • Good price/performance ratio
  • Nd-Fe-B magnets (alloy of neodymium, iron and boron)
  • Fully encapsulated winding
  • Resolver (sine commutation)
  • UL acceptance
  • Connectors for connections
  • Various encoders available as options


Options for the LSN servomotors

  • Holding Brake
  • Wide range of encoders and resolvers
  • Keyed shaft to DIN 6885
  • UL
  • ATEX
  • Customer specific Shaft / Flangue / Housing
  • Variety of connector and cable outputs
  • Gearboxes, etc...