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Published Aug 19, 2011
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Motor Technology have over 25 years experience in the servo, motion control and automation industry. As suppliers and technology have changed and adapted over time, so have we.

Our current offering includes suppliers and products that best meet our requirements for the future. In addition we offer products that complement our range and provide a basis for developing complete solutions for our customers. We also haven't forgotten our past customers and still offer support for some products dating back to the 80s.

Products we supply and support include:

Fritz A. Seidel - Kollmorgen-Seidel - Danaher-Motion

AC and DC servo motors and drives

Thomson Tollo

Mechanical Actuators

R+W Coupling Technology

Metal bellows and elastomer couplings


AC and DC servo motors


Motion Controllers

Prima Electronics

AC and DC servo drives

Eurotherm Drives - ASB - Parker SSD

AC servo drives

Reinhold Eisele Antriebstechnik

Planetary gearboxes

EmilPlanet (now Tramec)

Planetary gearboxes

Lafert Group

AC servo motors

Zebotronics - Stögra

Stepper motors and drives


AC servo motors