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MATTKE Servotechnik is a medium-sized company with head office at the city of Freiburg/Germany and was founded 1965.

We manufacture a number of drive products in-house, under our own control, thus helping our customers by reacting quickly and respecting their special features.

The range is complemented by products complementary products from other established suppliers. In this way we are able to offer a unique range of drive and motor components and systems from 0.14 to 20,000 Watt.

Electronics and mechanics out of one hand

Our slogan for more than thirty years is "Electronics and mechanics out of one hand", helping us to register worldwide satisfied customers also last but not least by our well known short delivery times..

Products not contained in our substantial catalogue can be provided or developed at short notice on demand, work force at MATTKE Servotechnik also consists in executing special designs and the modification of existing installations, that means servo technology "ready to wear" but with enclosed "tailoring" department.

Further to the quickest as possible supply of spare parts we also offer an emergency intervention at your production site or an immediate repair of defective devices.

Mattke servo technology - for over 40 years your partner.

We solve the problem!

Many drive solutions can be achieved with our standard production program, from the beginning to the final solution we will find together the drive unit suitable for your application no matter if simple or "high-end".

Furthermore we realise special solutions covering your projects up to jig manufacturing and apparatus engineering.