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The Festo brand has been a worldwide symbol of expertise in factory automation for more than 60 years. We are a leading world-wide supplier of automation technology and the performance leader in industrial training and education programs. Our aim: maximised productivity and competitiveness for our customers.

We can offer solutions for most requirements with approximately 30,000 catalogue products, customised solutions, ready-to-install automation systems and a matching range of services from SA products to before and after-sales support. This makes Festo the partner of choice for its customers all over the world – whether in factory automation, process automation or for consulting, training and skills development.

Synergy for intelligent automation ...

… in factory automation

joining, rotating, gripping, positioning, connecting, holding, testing and checking discrete materials: these are the automation tasks that Festo's portfolio of products and services is designed to handle. The standard range includes pneumatic, servopneumatic and electrical drive technology, mostly in our modular systems, valves and valve terminals. Sensors, intelligent compact vision systems and controllers ensure perfect communication throughout the control chain. Compressed air preparation, tubing and fittings complete the range.

… in process automation

Festo has also been successfully active in process automation for quite some time.

Festo provides centralised and decentralised automation concepts for the production, transport, handling and disposal of gases, fluids, paste-like materials or bulk solids. For GMP, food or ATEX zones; for high and low temperatures; for harsh and corrosive atmospheres. Optional: FDA and HACCP conformity.

Condition monitoring and comprehensive diagnostics concepts based on diagnosable products reduce production downtime to a minimum, as for factory automation.