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Fuji HYM Super Metering Pumps (SMP)

Fuji HYM
Fuji HYM pump with stainless steel liquid head

The HYM series super metering pumps (SMP) offer a solution for accurate pumping and dosing applications for laboratory trials, small batch production and specialist requirements.

The HYM series SMPs provide flow rates following flow rates dependent on the plunger size:

    • HYM-03, plunger diameter 3mm, maximum flow rate 15.3ml/min
    • HYM-06, plunger diameter 6mm, maximum flow rate 61.1ml/min
    • HYM-08, plunger diameter 8mm, maximum flow rate 108.6ml/min
    • HYM-W-08, twin pump head, plunger diameter 8mm, maximum flow rate 217.2ml/min

Discharge pressure for the HYM series is up to 98Bar as standard. Up to 200Bar is possible on the HYM-06 and 250Bar on the HYM-03 as a cost option.

On the HYM-W-08 the cam-box is fitted with a second pump head to extend the flow rate

There are various liquid head types available for different applications including metalic heads in Stainless Steel (SUS316), Hastelloy and Titanium, as well as non-metalic heads in PTFE (Teflon) and PEEK.


  • High accuracy & stability (±0.1%)
  • Stable flow volume even with variation in suction and/or discharge pressure
  • High stability of flow volume even with changing viscosity
  • Flow volume directly proportional to pump rotation
  • Metal & metal free heads
  • Suitable for pumping slurries (application dependent)
  • Wide temperature range possible
  • Heating & cooling jackets available
  • Purging & cleaning options
  • Complete motor (also ATEX), drive & turn-key systems


  • Heating & cooling jackets
  • Purging & cleaning systems
  • Complete motorised pump units
  • Portable units
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