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Girard DYNABOX XL worm gearboxes

Girard DYN XL
Dynabox XL series from 1000 to 8000Nm
Girard DYN lock
Table of ratio vs. reversibility

DYNABOX XL high torque gearboxes can be specified as either MEDIUM or EXPERT units with lower than 5 or 0.5 arc-minute of backlash respectively.

The degree of backlash is adjustable on the EXPERT version.

They offer a space-saving design, are quiet / smooth running and maintenance free.

Dynabox gearboxes have a number of mounting options:

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  • Hollow shaft via taper lock
  • Single output shaft
  • Robot Flange

Dynabox range:

  • ratios from 5.25 up to 90:1
  • centre / centre distances from 125 to 200mm
  • continuous output torque to over 4700Nm
  • peak torque up to 7800Nm
  • emergency stop torque to 12,8000Nm

Typical applications:

  • machine tools
  • rotary tables
  • industrial robots
  • pick-and-place systems
  • tracking systems
  • semiconductor manufacturing