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Girard DYNABOX worm gearboxes

New ratio 3:1 available on the DynaBOX 45 and 55! INFO

DYNABOX gearboxes can be specified as either BASIC, MEDIUM or EXPERT units with lower than 10, 5 or 1 arc-minute of backlash respectively.

Girard's DynaBOX servo worm gearboxes with solid shaft, hollow shaft and robot flange output

The degree of backlash is adjustable on the EXPERT version.

They offer a space-saving design, are quiet / smooth running and maintenance free.

Dynabox gearboxes have a number of mounting options:

Girard DYN lock
Table of ratio vs. reversibility
  • Hollow shaft - keyed or via taper lock (only keyed for size 25)
  • Single output shaft (not for size 25)
  • Dual output shaft (not for size 25)
  • Robot Flange (not for size 25 & 35)

Dynabox range:

  • ratios from 5.25 up to 90:1
  • centre / centre distances from 25 to 110mm
  • continuous output torque to over 800Nm
  • peak torque to over 2200Nm
  • emergency stop torque to 4000Nm

Typical applications:

  • machine tools
  • rotary tables
  • industrial robots
  • pick-and-place systems
  • tracking systems
  • semiconductor manufacturing

Gearbox dimensions can be downloaded here.

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