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Trio MC224 Motion Coordinator


  • Controls up to 24 axes
  • 14 simultaneous BASIC tasks
  • Digital I/O - 8 IN + 8 IN/OUT
  • Analogue I/O - 2 IN
  • RS232 - RS485 - CANbus - MODbus

The Motion Coordinator MC224 is a high performance Motion Coordinator. Using a high speed 32-bit DSP processor it provides up to 24 axes of servo or stepper control. The unit's flexibility is achieved with Trio's innovative "daughter board" concept.

TRIO MC224-2
Trio MC224 stand alone motion controller up to 24 axes

Each axis may run moves using linear, circular or helical interpolation, electronic cams and gearboxes .Features include support for merging multiple moves that are typically generated by CAD/CAM software and support is provided for continuously rotating machinery.

The daughter boards feature optional absolute or incremental feedback and accurate hardware registration. I/O expansion is provided via a built-in CAN Bus interface. Further CAN networks for controlling suitable servo amplifiers are supported via the CAN daughter board. Up to 4 daughter boards can be fitted in the MC224.

The P301 Axis Expander provides additional daughter board space in blocks of 4. Up to 3 axis expanders can be used per MC224 master. MC224 and expanders must be sited next to each other left of the P170 and connected using the appropriate Trio System Ribbon.

Note: P301 accepts any axis daughter board, but NOT digital drive or fieldbus daughter boards.

  • Interpolates up to 24 axes in any combination.
  • Advanced Multi-tasking Trio BASIC with up to 14 simultaneous processes.
  • 150Mhz 32 bit Floating Point DSP
  • 1 Mbyte application memory
  • 256k word dedicated TABLE memory
  • Individual Status LEDs
  • Micro SD Card interface
  • Compatible with all Trio Daughter Board interfaces.
  • Fully integrates with MotionPerfect 2
  • UL Approved