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Stand-alone Motion Controllers

Published Jan 8, 2010

Stand-alone controllers offer a complete motion control solution. These DIN-Rail and panel mounted units range from 1½ up to 64 axes. The controllers can interface to stepper drives, servo drives with encoder feedback as well as fieldbus based drives.

The controllers feature integrated digital and analogue inputs and outputs, serial interfaces for programming and operator panels, as well as a range of expansion modules and daughter boards to enable the control of industrial machines with the minimum of external components.

In many applications, Trio’s product range can be combined to build a control system capable of driving a multi axis machine and all its auxiliary equipment.

The controllers are extremely modular, allowing the user to tailor them to their specific needs; this also allows the flexibility to incorporate new modules if the need should change, making the system “future proof”.

All controllers incorporate a CANbus interface to allow for digital or analogue I/O expansion.

The controllers are complemented by a range of software programs designed to work seamlessly with the hardware for unparalleled system performance.