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Lenord+Bauer GEL 8240 MotionPLC


  • Integrated key-pad and display
  • Controls up to 6 axes
  • IEC 61131 programming
  • Digital and Analogue I/O
  • Fieldbus connectivity

With the GEL 8240 cam-plate controller we have combined the Control Panel with the PLC to form a multifunctional compact control for a great variety of uses.

LB 8420
Lenord + Bauer GEL 8240 motion PLC

The Motion PLC combines a cam-plate controller, Control Panel, PLC and numerous inputs / outputs to a powerful automation unit.

LB 8420 system
GEL 8420 example system layout

The integrated PLC in accordance with IEC 61131 and the CNC function with interpolated axes for path control offer compact solutions with minimum wiring.

LB 8420 data
GEL8420 technical details

Up to 6 axes are controlled via the CAN-bus. Up to 3 axes are controlled via the integrated +/- 10 Volt interface.


  • Simple replacement of mechanical cam-plates and line shafts
  • CNC function (up to 5 axes)
  • Automation of complex moving sequences
  • Ready-made solutions, e.g. 'Flying saw' or 'Rotating cutter'
  • Automation of individual units and small machines without additional PLC
  • Extensive library of functions
  • Digital and analogue inputs / outputs integrated and expandable via CANopen interface
  • OPC-server (CoDeSys)