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Motion Coordinator - euro209x


  • Controls up to 8 axes
  • 7 simultaneous BASIC tasks
  • Digital I/O - 16 IN plus 8 OUT
  • Analogue I/O - 2 IN
  • EtherNET programming port
  • RS232 - RS485 - CANbus - MODbus
TRIO euro209x

The Motion Coordinator Euro209 is a 3U Eurocard stepper/servo positioner with the built-in ability to control up to 8 servo or stepper motors in any combination.

In addition a single Trio Daughter Board may be fitted to allow the control of an additional axis, communications channel or a digital drive interface allowing up to 16 axes.

User programs are written in Trio’s established Multi-Tasking BASIC and applications can be developed using the Windows based MotionPerfect environment.

Complex motion profiles are easily programmed and these can be linked to a master encoder input for slaving, gearing and cams.


The Ethernet port is controlled by a dedicated Coldfire® communications co-processor allowing fast reliable data communication between the Euro 209 and PC and gives the ability to program multiple cards over an Ethernet LAN.

The Euro209 has one RS-232 port and one RS-485 built in that may be configured to run the MODBUS protocol for PLC or HMI interfacing. If the built-in CAN channel is not used for connecting I/O modules, it may optionally be used for CAN communications or as a DeviceNet Slave.

USB and Profibus daughter boards may be fitted to provide additional communications options.

The Euro209 features a total of 16 axes in software. Any axes not having a hardware interface can be used as a “virtual” axis.


  • High performance, low cost Eurocard Motion Coordinator
  • Dedicated Coldfire® communications co-processor
  • Designed for low-cost OEM volume applications
  • 1-8 Servo/stepper axes in any combination
  • 1 TRIO daughter board can be attached for communication or additional axis
  • Linear, circular and helical interpolation
  • Electronic clutches, gears and cams
  • Multi-tasking BASIC programming
  • Built-in CAN channel
  • Configurable using feature enable codes
  • Built-in opto-isolated inputs/outputs
  • Registration inputs