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Festo EGC-TB linear tooth-belt driven actuator

Festo EGC-TB

Efficiency, maximum dynamic response and speed with further improved rigidity – as a toothed belt or ball screw driven linear actuator

The benefits

  • New aluminum profiles with exterior guide: increased rigidity and improved efficiency thanks to downsizing (smaller size with the same load)
  • Guide closer to the load: smaller lever arm for large maximum load and torques
  • Motor connection on both sides (right/left) and both ends of the toothed belt actuator: simpler handling and increased flexibility (the motor position can be altered at any time and does not necessarily have to be specified on the order).

Suitable for the Festo mechatronic multi-axis modular system – suitable for all motor types

Product data

  Toothed belt axis EGC-TB-KF
Axis Electric linear axis with toothed belt drive
Size 50 / 70 / 80 / 120 / 185
Stroke [mm] Max. 10,000
Max. feed force [N] 50 ... 2,500
Torques My/Mz [Nm] 10 ... 1,820
Torques Mx [Nm] 3.5 ... 529
Speed [m/s] 3/5
Repetition accuracy (mm) +/- 0.08 ... 0.1