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GEL 2800 MiniCODER sensor with absolute position output

GEL 2800 - NEW splash
NEW contact-free speed and position measuring system for hollow-shaft motors
NEW product !
The new GEL 2800 encoder kit acquires the absolute rotor position precisely and can be flexibly adapted to any drive.
Absolute encoder kits are ideally suited to the acquisition and feedback of the absolute rotor position to the motor control system.
With the new MiniCODER, Lenord + Bauer is setting standards in absolute magnetic kit measuring systems.
The design without bearings ensures extremely long-life and acquires the absolute position at rotational speeds up to 20,000 min-1. As such the new encoder kit can also be used in highly dynamic drives. Dust, humidity and oil do not affect the magnetic measuring system. This feature makes the MiniCODER a specialist for harsh industrial environments.
Due to the modular construction the system covers a wide range of shaft diameters, which significantly simplifies adaptation to the motor.
The MiniCODER provides unambiguous position values at any angular position via an SSI or BISS interface. There is also an incremental signal for the rotational speed measurement.
The absolute position is available immediately after switch on, which makes a reference search routines unnecessary. Furthermore, the encoder kit undertakes a self-calibration; in this way the measuring system is also robust in relation to mechanical tolerances.
GEL 2800 - principle
Operating Principle


  • Magnetic absolute encoder kit system with modular construction
  • Resolution up to 17-bit single turn
  • SSI or BISS interface
  • Robust to mechanical tolerances
  • Developed for use in harsh environmental conditions
  • No effect on the measuring system due to magnetic brakes or motor winding
GEL 2800 - tech data
 Technical Data