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GEL 2443 MiniCODER sensor with SINCOS output

GEL 2443
Lenord+Bauer GEL 2443 sensor and tooth-wheel

The GEL 2443 MiniCoder is a sensor element that generates a sin/cos output from a ferro-magnetic tooth-wheel. The output signal can be interpolated in the associated control equipment, servo or inverter drive or our range of interpolation units to give a high precision output for speed and position monitoring.

Rotary motion can be detected with the GEL 2443 sensor and typical applications include integration into machine tool spindles (including HS high speed spindles), electric motors, gearboxes and other applications.

The sensor / tooth-wheel combination has been implemented on appilations up to 70,000rpm and the electronics comply with the "safety integrated" standard for numerical control applications.

Amplitude Control

The GEL 2443 MiniCoder offers facilities for stabilising fluctuations in the sin/cos amplitudes resulting from changes to the measuring distance and temperature. This greatly reduces the effort needed to install the unit as there is no longer any need to readjust the MiniCoder to optimise the signals.

Technical Data

  • Measurement of rotary motion using tooth-wheels
  • Max. air gap 0.15 mm, depending on module
  • Amplitude control
  • Protection class IP 68
  • Suitable for rotary module 0.3 and 0.5
  • Frequency range is 0...200 kHz
  • Temperature range -20 ... + 120° C
  • Supply voltage 5 V DC
  • Sinewave output signal, Sin/Cos 1 Vpp

The GEL 2443 replaces the GEL 244 and GEL2442 sensors.