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Motor Power Company's SKA 'Compact' Direct Drive Linear Motor

Published Jun 13, 2011
MPC-SKAddl compact
The SKAddl-compact series of ready-to-fit linear servomotors

The SKAddl-compact linear direct drive servomotors are ideally suited to small volume and special purpose machine builders.

Supplied ready-to-fit this linear servomotor range does not require the lengthy design in associated with linear motor technology. The linear motor can be specified with the required length, power rating, feedback device and resolution... even down to the required cable lengths and temperature sensor. The complete unit is then pre-assembled at the factory and shipped ready-to-install.

The SKAddl direct drive motors are particularly suited to applications where high-speed motion with high-positioning accuracy are demanded. The direct drive technology, besides eliminating backlash and mechanical elasticity in the drive transmission, drastically lowers maintenance costs while achieving appreciable energy savings through improved overall efficiency.

SKAddl-compact ()
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