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LTi MOTiON - LSH series servo motors (legacy product)

LSH range of brushless servo motors (legacy product from April 2017)

The LSH motor series improves power density by between 30% and 70% relative to conventional technologies. Apart from offering higher performance the effects of commutation are greatly reduced, providing very smooth motion.

This is due to a new method of 'pole wound or compact' rotor construction. The LSH motors have a 10-pole rotor, apart from the size LSH-050 which has 6-pole design.

After 15 years the LSH series servo motors are being discontinued at the end of March 2017. Please contact us to order any spares or for assistance with specifying a replacement motor such as the LSN range.

For the user that means as much as a 100% improvement in dynamics, and more compact installation combined with smooth running.

The range covers four frame sizes with torque ratings from 0.26 to 27.3Nm stall torque. Motor inertia is also reduced for high dynamic response.

The LSH motors are available with a wide range of options:

  • holding brakes
  • resolver or encoder feedback
  • ingress protection up to IP67
  • low voltage windings
  • high speed windings

We can also supply the motors with precision planetary or worm gearboxes, secondary feedback, pre-confectioned cable sets, etc.