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Metronix ARS 2100 series

Published Feb 21, 2010


  • Integrated Power Factor Control (PFC)
  • Single phase servo drive to 1kW
  • Direct-on-line operation
  • Simple commissioning through software wizard
  • Expansion for I/O, Fieldbus, Feedback
Metronix ARS 2100-2

The ARS 2100 servo positioning controllers (ARS servo 2nd generation) are intelligent AC servo inverters for operation direct from a single-phase mains supply. They are flexible and can be easily adapted to a number of different applications, with many adjustment and expansion options.

Due to the integrated Power Factor Correction the device already fulfils the standards according to EN 61000-3-2 (limitation of mains current harmonics). In addition to speed and torque control, positioning, speed and angle synchronisation with electronic gear, the CANopen protocol DSP402 allows the implementation of contouring controls with linear interpolation as well as time-synchronised multi-axis applications.

The ARS 2000 communicates with PLCs via Fieldbus like the integrated CAN Interface or Fieldbus options, e.g. Ethernet, PROFIBUS or SERCOS.

The servo positioning controllers can be used universally since they can be connected to various encoder systems and motor types.

With the menu-driven configuration tool Metronix ServoCommanderTM and the automatic motor identification, the ARS 2000 quickly and comfortably adapts to your requirements.


Technical Features

  • 380 V DC bus voltage due to active PFC
  • 2.5/5A and 5/10A rated / peak current
  • Integrated EMC filter
  • Integrated brake chopper, external brake resistance can be connected
  • Separate 24 V DC supply for controller unit
  • 3 analogue set point inputs, 1 x 16 bit / 2 x 10 bit
  • Fieldbus interface CAN with CANopen user profile as per DSP402
  • Control via digital I/O
  • UL certification in preparation

Universal encoder interface

The ARS family of drives can operate with rotary, linear and torque motors alike. Suitable feedback devices include, Resolver, Incremental Encoder, Stegmann SinCos encoder (single-/ multiturn) with Hiperface, high resolution Heidenhain encoder as well as multiturn absolute encoder with EnDat interface.


Fieldbus options

RS232 (RS485) and CANopen (as per DSP 402) are standard interfaces on the ARS 2000 drives family. In addition the drives feature 2 extension slots, which can be populated with any of the following:

  • Ethernet (TCP/IP)
  • Sercos
  • Industrial Ethernet (in preparation)
  • DeviceNet (in preparation)
  • Additional digital I/O

Technical Data ARS 2102 and ARS 2105


  ARS 2102 ARS 2105
Supply Voltage 1 x 100 .. 230 V AC (+/- 10%) or 310 .. 380 V DC  
Control voltage 24 V DC [± 20%] (0.55 A) 24 V DC [± 20%] (0.65 A)
DC bus connection 360 ... 380 V DC due to active PFC  
Rated current IR 2,5 Aeff 5 Aeff
Peak current IMax (up to 5s) 5 Aeff 10 Aeff
Rated power PR (at 230 V AC) 0.5 kW 1.0 kW
Peak power PMax (up to 5s) 1.0 kW 2.0 kW
Brake chopper / Brake resistor Integrated brake chopper and brake resistor with 10W continuous brake power, optional external brake resistor up to 500W continuous brake power Integrated brake chopper and brake resistor with 20W continuous brake power, optional external brake resistor up to 750W continuous brake power
Dimensions (w x h x d) 54 x 200 x 200 mm 54 x 225 x 200 mm
Degree of protection IP 20
Inputs 10 x digital In (24 V, electrically isolated)  3 x analogue In (± 10 V, 1 x 16 Bit, 2 x 10 Bit)
Outputs 4 x digital out (24 V, electrically isolated) 2 x analogue out (± 10 V, 9 Bit)

CE, UL and cUL