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Axor SSAX Motor Cables "CBLS"

Axor SSAX Cables
Pre-confectioned cables for the SuperSAX range of servo motors
Axor SSAX cable sets ()
Axor CBLS cables sets for SuperSAX servo motors
Axor SSAX Cables - table
Axor SSAX cable selection table

Pre-assembled cables line for “plug-n-play” connections between SUPER SAX brushless servomotors and all AXOR servodrives.

The CBLS cables have excellent mechanical characteristics and external shielding for disturbance protection.

We recommend the use of these cables to:

  • Avoid improper wiring connections
  • Meet CE standards and proper shielding requirements
  • Ensure increased system functionability 

The CBLS cable must be used in accordance with the relevant service manual of the servodrive!