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New 20 page catalogue for servo worm gearboxes and gear sets

New ratio 3:1 available on the DynaBOX 45 and 55!
GT-G-DYN cover-sqr

Girard Transmissions has just published a new 20 page catalogue on its range of Dynabox servo worm gearboxes and its Dynaset range of high precision servo gear sets with adjustable backlash.

The Dynabox servo worm gearbox range is available with a choice of three levels of precision, either Basic, Medium or Expert, providing less than 10, 5 or 1 arc-minute of backlash respectively. The degree of backlash is easily adjustable on the Expert units but is fixed on the Basic and Medium series.

The new catalogue provides full technical specifications with clearly annotated photographs and illustrations. It is easy to use with information contained in tabular form along with clear product descriptions and options for the entire range.

The catalogue also contains easy to follow information on product selection, mounting options and guides, couplings, lubrication, backlash adjustment and information on Girard's backlash adjustment device for its range of high precision servo gear sets. Get a digital copy of the catalogue here or email us if you would prefer a printed version.

GT-G-DYN catalogue (7.2 MB)
Download the DynaBOX catalogue here!