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Stepper drives now with AC input

LAM - xS10-range
The DS, LS and OS range of micro-stepping drives are now available with direct AC supply input 

LAM Technologies have further enhanced their micro-stepping drive range by integrating the rectifier bridge, capacitors and filter into the drive modules, enabling connection direct to the AC output of a suitable transformer.

The benefits for users include reduced space requirement, simplified installation and cost savings.

The DS series, DIN rail mounted versions, range from 1.4A, 16-36Vac to 8.5A, 115Vac and the drives are packaged in the standard housing with widths from 22.7 to 35mm.

The open-frame OEM version, the OS and LS range covers 1.4A, 16-36Vac to 3A, 65Vac.

The AC input version of the drives is also applicable to the DS30 programmable drives with integrated motion controller and the DS50 series which feature Modbus-RTU (over RS485, RS232 or USB) and can be networked to a total of 247 drives.


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