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Home > News > Product News > Seidel 60 WKS drives are still going strong

Seidel 60 WKS drives are still going strong

The 60WKS in different guises

With over 25 years of service the old Seidel 60WKS drives are still going strong and proving themselves to be reliable and trouble free work horses. Keeping them operational can have considerable benefits over replacement and we're still able to offer service and support for those still using them.

The Seidel 60WKS is a high-performance, analogue servo amplifier for controlling brushless synchronous DC servo motors. There are lots of them still in service and they're doing a great job. We know plenty of customers who are very satisfied with the drive's performance and are reluctant to change. And there's no need to.

Motor Technology still supports these drives. We can provide an exchange or refurbishment service and supply all the accessories to go with the drives, such as ballast boards, customer prints, ferrite rings and ramp generator options. Also, while stocks last, we can still supply brand new units.

Over the years the 60WKS has made an appearance in many different guises, such as ABB Axodyn, Stoeber and the Schindler & Wagner (SchiWa) versions. If you're not sure then contact us for advice and more information on the different codes of the 60WKS such as: 60WKS-M240/06-PB-01 and 60WKS-CE240/22PB24V etc. It may be worth checking, because if your drive is a 60WKS then it's still serviceable and there's no need to change.