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Home > News > Product News > New Magnetic Absolute Kit Encoder for Hollow Shaft Drives

New Magnetic Absolute Kit Encoder for Hollow Shaft Drives

L+B MiniCODER GEL 2800

Lenord + Bauer has launched an absolute encoder kit system, the MiniCODER GEL 2800, that contactlessly scans measuring scales of varying diameter. It is particularly well suited for use in harsh industrial environments and provides precise rotational speed and position data for highly dynamic applications.

It consists of a contactlessly operating encoder kit and a metal measuring scale of variable design. These components do not come together until they are finally installed on the application -- for example on the drive.

Absolute MiniCODERs provide precise position values immediately after switch on; these values can be output via either an SSI or BISS interface. As a consequence a reference search routine is unnecessary. The absolute measuring system also outputs an incremental signal for the rotational speed measurement.

Given careful design with precise mechanical components, the overall accuracy is up to 17 bits for single turn operation at a maximum rotational speed of up to 30,000 min-1. Tooth wheels with modules 1 to 2 with an inside diameter that can be selected as required are available as measuring scales. As a result the new system can be scaled flexibly and adapted to shaft diameters between 50 and 500mm without major effort.

The system is particularly robust and meets the requirements of protection class IP 68. Electromagnetic interference due to a motor winding or magnetic brake does not affect the measured results. Even mechanical tolerances such as radial or axial play have no effect on the absolute encoder kit, as it automatically undertakes a self-calibration after switch on. As this is a contactless measuring system, it is not subject to wear.

Due to the modular construction of the system it is possible to use identical encoder kits for different tooth wheel sizes. Particularly for manufacturers of customer-specific drives, this aspect significantly simplifies component management.

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