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New MiniCODER is programmable

Published Aug 22, 2016
GEL 2444P programmable MiniCODER
The GEL 2444P can be programmed with user defined values and calibration data 

Lenord + Bauer's new compact, contact-free kit-encoder, GEL 2444-P, is the next generation of MiniCODER, providing significant benefits. Under the newly formed product category, MiniCODER plus, the GEL 2444-P sensor has an additional integrated chip that can be programmed. In conjunction with the unique new service tool, the GEL 211, calibration data can be obtained and saved to the unit over a WIFI connection using the web enabled interface. This aids correct installation and reliable operation. Small differences in the output signals are monitored and corrected, such as signal amplitude and sin/cos amplitude differential. On some systems, if not corrected, these differences might otherwise lead to drive and control faults.

The microprocessor within the kit-encoder also features a configurable operating-hour-counter that can monitor the operating time of the unit. Up to 7 speed bands can be set to monitor the operation of the sensor and thus the axis. For example an 'idle' speed can be programmed, where the axis is considered to be 'not operational,' as can an 'over' speed to monitor the axis being used outside the defined specification. The sensor also records the total operating time and the highest and lowest measured temperatures.

Information may also be stored within the sensor, such as the reference number of a high-speed-spindle or the axis description. As the sensors are often embedded within the machine, with difficult access, the chip also stores the type code and serial number of the sensor so that it can easily be accessed with the GEL 211 service tool.

The new MiniCODER plus system comprises of a scanning unit and a precision target wheel that fits directly onto the shaft or spindle of the machine. The sensor's magnetic, contact-free operation acquires the speed and position of the rotating shaft and is resistant to shocks, vibration, high temperatures and electrical interference. As the target wheel is fitted directly to the shaft there are no bearings, it is maintenance free and extremely compact.

The MiniCODER plus GEL 2444-P is suitable for shaft diameters from 8 to 500mm and is physically and electrically compatible with all other MiniCODER GEL 244x versions. Typical applications include high speed machining, machine tools, high speed cutting, milling and grinding spindles, screw spindles in vacuum pumps, test stands, hybrid motor drives and torque motors.

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