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Puzzle Corner – The Mystery of the Great Pyramid

Puzzle Corner - Pyramid

An inscription carved thousands of years ago on the stone doorway that led to the inner chamber of the Great Pyramid of Djedi promised entry to all those who could solve a simple mathematical puzzle. No one shall enter here without a basic knowledge of mathematics, read the hieroglyphics. Solve the puzzle, enter the missing number, and the door will open. How far will you make it into the pyramid? Can you work out what number should be inserted where there is a question mark?

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Look at the pyramid of numbers as a series of rows. On the top row there is one number and on the next two and so on.

Multiply the top row number, 9 by the far right number on the bottom row, 8.

9 x 8 = 72.

7 and 2 are the numbers in the second row.

So continue: 72 x 8 = 576, the three numbers in the third row.

And one last time: 576 x 8 = 4608, the numbers in the bottom row.

So, the number required to replace the question mark is 0, but you knew that, right? Well done if you got it!