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Maintaining old technology

Maintaining old technology

Although we tend to think of new technology as progress there is plenty of old automation equipment that is still providing reliable service and doesn't need upgrading. The problems tends to unfold when maintenance is required on older components that may no longer be supported by the original manufacturer.

Motor Technology's spares and repairs department specialise in supporting customers, regardless of the age of the equipment and a wide range of servo drives, servo motors, gearboxes and other motion control components are held on stock, even equipment that is no longer in production. Why not take a look at our eBay shop.

If we don't have what a customer needs in stock the chances are we know where to get it, and we can offer anything from a new like-for-like replacement, a newly manufactured compatible or a refurbished unit.

Some customers want to upgrade, but only to newer more available equipment. We can help here too. Often there is no need to make a costly upgrade to the very latest technology, when a small step-up to the next model will do a perfect job for the application.

This can save customers a fortune when an upgrade to the latest technology can often require a complete system upgrade. We are able to supply new and refurbished components, provide service and repair, and design complete new systems if required.