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Drop-in replacements for old SIZAG encoders are here

For anyone having difficulty finding suitable replacements for old Siemens SIZAG units, we've got the perfect solution. Drop-in replacements! Simple. 

Old Siemens SIZAG sensors, which are frequently found on equipment such as machine tool spindles, are no longer in production. They can be replaced with Lenord + Bauer's MiniCoder, GEL 244x series, attached to specially designed mounting blocks (designed and manufactured by us).

Sizag replacement kit
Sizag replacement kit comprising the GEL 2443 sensor with pre-confectiond cable and mounting block

This makes the MiniCoder a drop-in replacement and perfectly interchangeable, size for size, with the old SIZAG encoders.

This applies to tooth-over-flag and flag-over-tooth configurations, flag or notch as the reference marker, as well as the reference flag/notch offset.

For those not familiar with the GEL244x sensors they are a contact free magnetic sensor, which senses passing teeth on a tooth-wheel. They are available with sinusoidal or square wave output, with or without interpolation, with a variety of output signals and suitable for a range of tooth-wheel modules. Have a look at our Speed & Position Sensors section on controlinmotion.com.

Special cable lengths, connectors and additional temperature sensing cable can also be supplied. Contact  Ben Fallows for more information.