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Beat the price increases

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Some of our suppliers have notified us in advance that they plan to increase prices for the new year.

Lenord + Bauer will introduce a new pricelist from the first of January with the most affected being the GEL 150 series of encoders that will see a price rise of around 10%. Other products are likely to see a more modest price rise of two to three percent.

Kollmorgen are holding prices until 15 December 2010 for orders delivered before 31 January 2011. Thereafter prices will increase, and although the level of increase will depend on the product we expect to see the biggest increases on legacy products such as the Servostar 400, 600, and the CD drives and motors such as the BH, SBL, DBL and 6SM.

Motor Power Company are also indicating price increases for 2011 but haven’t yet given us any specifics, although we expect it to come into effect in January.

We would suggest that if any of our customers are planning to order any of these products within the next few months it’s probably worth getting your order in sooner rather than later to beat the planned price increases.


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