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Cable colour coding – understanding DESINA

Published Jan 12, 2017
DESINA cables

DESINA is an abbreviation for DistributEd and Standardised INstAllation technology for machine tools and manufacturing systems, and is a specification for standardising electric, hydraulic and pneumatic components and their interconnection on one common platform for machine and drive & control system build.

The coding provides a quick overview of the type of signals or power connections that are being made using the cable. This inherrently also provides a useful safety function.

Cable outer sheath - colour coding
The colour of the cable outer sheath gives an indication of the type of interconnection

Screened Cables

  • ORANGE, RAL 2003, for servo applications
  • GREEN, RAL 6018, for measuring and feedback systems
  • VIOLET, RAL 4001, for Fieldbus and Hybrid cables

Unscreened Cables

  • YELLOW, RAL 1021, for sensors
  • BLACK, RAL 9005, for power
  • GREY, RAL 7040, for control cable