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Axor Single & 3-phase Filters "FRM-FRT"

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Axor FRM filters
Axor FRM / FRT mains filters
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Axor FRM / FRT rating table

A number of Axor servo drives (brushless and DC) require EMI filtering of the input power leads to block conduced-type emissions from exiting onto the power supply line.

The size of filter must be based on the size of tranformers (single or 3-phase) used to supply the single or multiaxis servodrive control applications (see TM/TT transformer’s data sheet for coupling).

The FRM-FRT filters have to be mounted and connected in accordance with the specific servodrive’s service manual. The EMI single and three-phase filters are required for some of the Axor servo drives (models and types on request) in order to meet the CE marking standards, in accordance with CEI EN 61800 regulation.