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OBSOLETE - Trio MC302K Drive-In Module for Servostar


  • Controls up to 1.5 axes
  • 3 simultaneous BASIC tasks
  • Digital I/O - 12 IN + 8 OUT
  • RS232 - CANbus - MODbus - DeviceNET
Trio MC302K sr
Trio MC302K board

The MC302-K Motion Coordinator fits within Kollmorgen Servostar™ Digital Drives to provide an easy to use 1½ axes motion controller with sophisticated features. The module simply clips into the S700, S600 or S300 option slot and is powered by the drive.

Based on Trio’s latest high-performance 32-bit ARM technology, the MC302-K offers 64MHz performance in a compact package.

User programs are written in Trio’s established multi-tasking BASIC language using the powerful Motion Perfect development software. Storage is accomplished in a 120k byte user program memory.

Complex motion such as cams, gears, linked axes, and interpolation is made easy with Trio’s comprehensive BASIC command set. Additional BASIC commands make it easy to setup and control the drive features and parameters. The MC302-K has 12 opto-isolated digital inputs and 8 opto-isolated digital outputs built-in.

In addition users can directly access the digital and analog I/O provided by the drive. A wide communications capability is available with a CAN interface for DeviceNet and an RS232 port for HMI with Modbus RTU support. Additional I/O can be provided using Trio CAN 8 Analog Input and CAN 16 Digital - I/O Modules.


  • 95mm x 140mm x 20mm
  • Plug-in card for S600/S300 option Slot mounting
  • Forward/Reverse Limit, Datum, Feedhold Assignable control inputss
  • Pre-emptive multi-tasking Trio BASIC
  • Virtual axis for move superimposition
  • 1.5 Axes: Servo + synchronisation encoder>
  • 12 opto-isolated on-board inputs + 5 opto-isolated drive inputs
  • 8 opto-isolated on-board outputs + 2 opto-isolated drive outputs
  • 2 x 16 bit analog inputs + 2 x 16 bit analog outputs from drive
  • CANbus port for I/O expansion, or CANopen comms to other devices
Trio_MC302K (1.3 MB)