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Old Product Support

Kollmorgen, Fritz A. SEIDEL, Emilplanet, Zebotronics, Stoerga, Danaher Motion, SMB, BMP, SDT, Tollo, Eurotherm Drives, ASB

Products like the Seidel 60WKS, 65WKS and Digifas servo drives, the Kollmorgen Servostar 600 drives, Lenord+Bauer's GEL 7000 & 8000 series controllers, Zebotronics stepper motors & drives, Prima drives and Lafert motors are still supported by our service and technical teams.

For further details on these and other products, please take a look at the product status table in conjunction with the attached listin (PDF).

Product Status

Current - Product still manufactured and fully supported
Legacy - Product still manufactured and supported, but for spares only, consider upgrade
Obsolete - Product no longer manufactured, limited stock and support, suggest planning towards replacement
Superseeded - Product has been replaced with an updated version (see description)
Terminated - Product not available, limited support, look for alternative solution (see description)